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James Lee Stanley in Petaluma on te%

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Alive At Last – (In Philadelphia?)

Philadelphia Sessions: Warts and all

Last night I finally assembled the new CD. It’s a live thing I did with two of my favorite musicians contributing to my songs (plus a Michael Smith tune, a Beatles and a Stones cover). Cheryl Prashker on percussion and

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Synopsis of Act One and Status of the Musical July 1, 2015

Mixing a musical so all the parts can be heard, all the hooks just right and ALL of the lyrics prominently presented is a different challenge than just mixing a recording. But I am finding enormous joy in listening to

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Sing Out! Magazine Review of The Apocaloptimist

Home→Reviews→1. Audio→JAMES LEE STANLEY: The Apocaloptimist JAMES LEE STANLEY: The Apocaloptimist Feb 11, 2015Michael Tearson   James Lee Stanley The Apocaloptimist Beachwood Records The Apocaloptimist is James Lee Stanley’s 27th release. He has been a steadily prolific artist for

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The Alternate Root Apocaloptimist Review

WHAT’S TRENDING JAMES LEE STANLEY – THE APOCALOPTIMIST Details Category: NEW RELEASE RACK ROW 1 Written by Danny Art is the main muse in the work of James Lee Stanley. His songwriting and live shows combine playing, singing and comedy

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