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Latest is a page of my drawings that are up under the Other Artist on “the Man” page. Check out my sketching capabilities. And as always, New Photos are up.And there are some new photos of James’s time on StarTrek Deep Space Nine. Please check it out in Startrek James. We keep putting up new ones and I think you’ll enjoy them.

Also, we have this fun guest map, where you find your place on the globe and pick an icon and then stake your claim and we can see where and who you are. Just check it out. And may thanks to all the folks who have gone there and made their mark. It gives me much joy to go there and read all the comments.

And we’re also making a new page of just fun photos that will be coming up shortly. You might enjoy that. The photos have been scanned and will be up in the next week or two.

James Lee Stanley’s Blog

DATAMUSICATA:TIPS, HINTS, CLUES AND INFO FOR THE ARTIST IN US ALL” can be found at: The site has recently crossed the 1,100,000 hits mark since it started in July 2008. It if full of tips, hints, anecdotes and photos from the last four decades on the road. Check it out!

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