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Artist Album Title Released by Genre
James Lee Stanley Without Susie Beachwood Pop/Rock
Without Susie – This might be the final fully realized studio CD by James Lee. A dozen of the best songs you have ever heard. Composed, produced, arranged, engineered and performed by James Lee (co-writer Rachel Mills makes a stellar cameo on Ripples in the Dance Floor).
James Lee Stanley Had Enough Yet? Beachwood Pop/Rock
Had Enough Yet – A collection of some of James Lee’s strongest political statements, not exactly protest songs so much as some serious food for thought presented in a remarkably musical fashion.
James Lee Stanley Alive At Last Beachwood Pop/Rock
Alive At Last – James Lee decided to do something completely different on this CD. He invited two of his favorite musicians, Percussionist Cheryl Prashker and bassist Chad Watson to come into the studio before a live audience and just play, no charts, no rehearsal. 17 songs were recorded in three hours, fourteen made the CD. Includes “the more I drink”, and “they do it in his name”. Neither ever recorded before.
James Lee Stanley Dove Beachwood Pop/Rock
Dove – A soundtrack to the novel Dove (up for the coveted Empress Award in Australia, this is a collection of songs that are included in the novel, with the addition of Wait For The Summertime, never before available.
James Lee Stanley, Pamala Stanley, Chris Bennett Straight From the Heart – The Musical Beachwood Pop/Rock
James Lee Stanley Apocaloptimist Beachwood Pop/Rock
The Apocaloptimist – The latest studio recording by James Lee. Two years in the making, this song cycle demonstrates a masterful singer / songwriter working at the peak of his powers.
James Lee Stanley & John Batdorf All Wood And Stones II Beachwood Acoustic Rock
All Wood and Stones II – The second CD of reinvented classic Rolling Stones songs. This time out it’s just James Lee and John Batdorf, Chad Watson, and Bill Batstone. A Must Hear.
James Lee Stanley Backstage At The Resurrection Beachwood Pop/Rock
Backstage At The Resurrection – James Lee’s 25th release and hailed as a masterpiece by every single critic who reviewed it. This time out he poured on the vocal harmonies as well as some sizzling rock and roll. According to James Lee, one of his favorites.
James Lee Stanley & Cliff Eberhardt All Wood And Doors Beachwood Acoustic Rock
All Wood and Doors – In collaboration with the highly regarded Cliff Eberhardt, James Lee and he completely turn these classic Doors songs on their heads. Inspired by John Densmore (a fan of the All Wood and Stones CDs) the collection includes both John Densmore and Robby Krieger of the Doors on guitars and percussion, as well as Timothy B Schmit, Laurence Juber, Peter Tork and Paul Barrere.
James Lee Stanley Live In Tehachapi – Vol. II Beachwood Acoustic
Live in Tehachapi, Volume II – The second set on that fabled night. A must have for fans of James Lee, who truly shines in the spotlight.
James Lee Stanley Live In Tehachapi – Vol. I Beachwood Acoustic
Live in Tehachapi, Volume I – An amazing recording that was created while James Lee was performing for a standing room only crowd. The best part is that James Lee didn’t know he was being recorded. Very candid and very funny. Folkscene actually aired the entire two volumes on their syndicated radio show.
James Lee Stanley New Traces of the Old Road Beachwood Acoustic
New Traces of the Old Road – A tour de force by James Lee, who wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, all the vocals, arranging and engineering, tho he did use pseudonyms because he’s such a modest guy.
James Lee Stanley The Eternal Contradiction Beachwood  Pop/Rock
The Eternal Contradiction – James Lee’s biggest seller to date. Includes his masterful rendition of the classic It’s All In the Game as well as his most requested song, Let the Tree Fall. Guest musicians include Corky Siegel, Bradley Vines, Batdorf & Rodney, and Lisa Turner.
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley Live / Backstage @ The Coffee Gallery Beachwood  Acoustic
Live Backstage at the Coffee Gallery – Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley captured live during their final celebrated duo tour. All the comedy and magic of their friendship and their musical adventures.
Hamilton Camp Sweet Joy Beachwood  Folk
John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley All Wood and Stones Beachwood  Acoustic Rock
All Wood and Stones– acoustic re-inventions of classic Rolling Stones songs, legendary Southern California singer songwriters James Lee Stanley and John Batdorf re-imagine the songs through their vocals and acoustic guitar re-arrangements on volume one of the celebrated All Wood and…series. 2005
James Lee Stanley, Peter Tork, Pamala Stanley & Tom Paxton A Beachwood Christmas Beachwood Seasonal/Christmas
A Beachwood Christmas – a potpourri of old and new Christmas music by Tom Paxton, James Lee Stanley, Peter Tork and Pamala Stanley. Of particular note are Tom’s only recorded version of his Christmas song (insert title there) and Deck the Halls With Sugar Plum Faeries by James Lee.
Sharon Abreu Sanctuary Irthlingz Acoustic/Folk
Don Dunn Odessa private label Jazz/Pop
James Lee Stanley & Peter Tork Once Again Beachwood Acoustic
Once Again – By popular demand, Peter and James once more went into the studio with just two guitars for some amazing vocal and instrumental duets. A catalog favorite. Includes the fabled acoustic version of Day Dream Believer.
James Lee Stanley & Michael Smith Two Man Band Two Beachwood Acoustic
Two Man Band Two – Actually the first duet project that James Lee embarked on. His guest artist on this amazing duet CD, the incomparable Michael Smith. He chose five of James Lee’s songs and James Lee chose five of his and then they wrote one together. A fantastic collection.
James Lee Stanley Freelance Human Being Beachwood Acoustic
Freelance Human Being, selections for solo voice and guitar, FI Magazine hailed this as a work of genius and listed it as one of the Top 200 CD’s of All Time; a list that included Miles Davis and the Beatles. 1999
James Lee Stanley & Peter Tork Two Man Band Beachwood Acoustic
Two Man Band – Just Peter Tork and James Lee, two guys and two guitars, derived from their celebrated duet tours. Unadorned, or as Peter puts it, “warts and all”. Includes the legendary acoustic version of Pleasant Valley Sunday.
James Lee Stanley Domino Harvest Beachwood Pop/Jazz
Domino Harvest – Twelve remarkable songs with the same celebrated cast of zeitgeist renegades, including Paul Barrere of Little Feat, legendary chicago bluesman Corky Siegel, Timothy B Schmit of the Eagles, John Ford Coley, and ace Nashville keyboardist John Barlow Jarvis.
Peter Tork Stranger Things Have Happened Beachwood Pop/Rock
James Durst Wish I Were Here Artist’s Label Jazz
Ellen Stapenhorst Invisible Threads Beachwood Folk
James Lee Stanley Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Beachwood Pop/Jazz
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues – Music written for the ill fated first film production of the book, a beautiful acoustic song cycle, also includes the love theme from the Brooke Adams film, Key Exchange.
The ***king Daffodils Third Rail Alt Rock
James Lee Stanley The Envoy (* +<) Beachwood Pop/Rock
The Envoy – Puts the lid on political song cycles. A brilliant collection of songs including the stark Now That I’m Naked and the hits, Make It Tonight and Cool of the Day. Guest musicians include Russ Kunkel, Michael Omartian, Laurence Juber and Larry Carlton.
Thom Bishop Restless State of Grace Profile Alt Rock
James Lee Stanley Ripe Four Distraction (*<) Beachwood Pop/Jazz
Ripe Four Distraction boasts the hits All I Ever Wanted and I Don’t Want to Talk About It. James Lee is backed by a stellar crew that includes Timothy B Schmit, Rita Coolidge and Lowen & Navarro. 1989
Mike Pinder (Moody Blues) Artist’s Label Pop/Rock
Tom Dundee Roadmap Flyte Rock/Blues
Nicolette Larson CBS-TV Country/Rock
James Lee Stanley Simpatico (*<) CMG Pop/Jazz
Simpatico – A Latin American song cycle created by James Lee, sizzling rhythms, scorching guitar and simmering synths paint a story of mystery, intrigue and betrayal. Hailed as a masterpiece. Guest musicians include Laurence Juber Jim Ehinger and Rita Coolidge 1988
Pamala Stanley Coming Out of Hiding (*) CMG Dance
Laurence Juber Solo Flight CMG Jazz
James Lee Stanley LIVE at McCabes Beachwood Unplugged
Live 85 @ McCabes – Vinyl only, collectors item recorded in Los Angeles at an SRO show at the legendary McCables Guitar Concert Series.
James Lee Stanley Racing the Moon Takoma Pop/Jazz
Racing the Moon – Long out of print this 1984 release is finally back on the shelves. Includes the title song as well as Straight From the Heart, Butterfly and Attitude. Guests musicians include Robben Ford and Michael Smith.
James Lee Stanley Midnight Radio MCA/Regency Pop/Jazz
Midnight Radio – Recorded at the Automatt in San Francisco in the summer of 1979, guests include Bonnie Raitt and Sheila E, songs include I Don’t Care, Worry Bout You and Just Like Love.
James Lee Stanley Eclipse Jollye Roger Pop/Jazz
Eclipse – A collection of the favorite songs of the first three James Lee Stanley albums including alternate mixes (vinyl only).
James Lee Stanley Three’s the Charm RCA Pop/Jazz
Three’s the Charm – The first recording solely produced by James Lee, once again accompanied by the same musicians with the addition of Stephen Bishop on a co write and Jimmie Haskell arranging the strings and horns. A classic and another catalog favorite. Includes the hits Plenty of Reason and Come On In.
James Lee Stanley Too RCA Pop/Jazz
James Lee Stanley, Too – the second solo album by James Lee with the same zeitgeist renegades participating. Ten more songs recorded in the spring of 1973 in Los Angeles.
James Lee Stanley RCA Pop/Rock
James Lee Stanley – The first solo album by James Lee. Ten quintessential songs by James Lee. Recorded in the summer of 1972 in Los Angeles. The guest musicians include Larry Carlton, Michael Omartian, John Barlow Jarvis, Doug Dillard and Batdorf & Rodney.

Composed/Scored and Produced:
Love Theme – “Digger”<, w/John Heard & Meg Tilly
Theme – “Carpool”<, CBS-TV Movie of the Week
Love Theme – “Key Exchange”<, w/Brooke Adams
HBO Tom Parks Special< <(Ace Award Nominee)
Cathy III<, CBS-TV <(Prime Time)
Tom Parks/ADA Video< <(Seven Awards)
Cathy II<, CBS-TV <(Prime Time)
Cathy I<, CBS-TV <(Prime Time)
* Chart Record
+ Top 100 1993, MAC Report