Baby Steps to Fascism- I know that this is my music blog, but as an artist (and all artists are subject to this) I have a responsibility to raise my voice when I notice that things are going awry.    Artists are the canaries in the coal mine.   They smell the bad gas long be...
James Lee Stanley & Teresa Tudury in Petaluma- Teresa Tudury and James Lee Stanley Two extraordinary singer/songwriters in one great house concert! When: 3:00pm, Saturday, May 20, 2017 Where: Petaluma, California Tickets: $25 (all ticket proceeds go to the performers) “Picture a cross between Bette Midler and
Protest Songs Needed. Start here…- I keep hearing from pundits that the artists are lettin us down.  Where is the protest to this travesty in the White House?   A serially liar installed by Russian interference in our democratic process, coupled with the dishonorable practice of gerrymandering and voter suppression.    If you consider the last election in light of the fact […]
Another Alive At Last Review- Stanley, James Lee: Alive At Last James Lee Stanley is an American singer/songwriter specializing in acoustic folk and pop/rock. I first became familiar with the artist after hearing the cleverly titled The Apocaloptimist released in 2014. His new release Alive At Last was recorded live at Morning Star Studios in Philadelphia, his hometown. Here he […]
San Diego Troubadour “Alive At Last” Review- JAMES LEE STANLEY: Alive at Last By Frank Kocher, October 2016 Alive at Last is the new disc from James Lee Stanley. A prolific singer/songwriter who has been recording and releasing music (on his own and partnering with others) since the early ‘70s, Stanley plays acoustic Americana that jump genres (jazz, funk, folk, blues, pop-rock) while retaining his […]
James Lee Stanley Grammy Museum Concert Review by California Rocker- James Lee Stanley: ‘Alive At Last’ is an Album That Inspires and Feels Good   James Lee Stanley: ‘Alive At Last’ is an Album That Inspires and Feels Good Posted by :News On : September 7, 20160 Category:By DONNA BALANCIA, Musicians, Performances, Reviews Tags:Chad Watson, Cheryl Prashker, Fender bass, James Lee Stanley, Scott Breadman Stanley […]
James Lee Stanley @ the Grammy Museum, Saturday August 27th, 8 pm- This coming Saturday, August 27th at 8 pm, I will be doing a concert at the world famous Grammy Museum to debut the release of my 31st CD, Alive At Last.    The CD is a departure from my usual two years in the making CD’s, in that I simply put some great musicians in the […]