James … That Spacey Guy!

As the story goes, a few years ago James was attending a party to which some of the people who put together Star Trek: Deep Space 9 were also invited. Being quite the science fiction fan himself, James spoke to the producer and asked half-kiddingly, “So, who do I have to kill … and I don’t mean kill … to get a part on the show?” Well, a few weeks later … voila! … James the Space Cadet!

Here are a few pictures of James in his various costumes.

Space James1 Space James 3
Space James 2 Space James 4

Some glimpses behind the scenes … and a trading card, too!

Star Trek Array 1
Star Trek Array 2

So, if you find yourself watching ST:DS9 one fine evening, look in the background for a tall Bejoran or maybe a Singing Klingon or an outerspace being of some sort …

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