Alive At Last – In Philadelphia


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So here’s the premise this time. I love jazz and have always been amazed by the recordings that happen when a producer puts together some great musicians and they record what happens. No, I’m not jazz, more folk than jazz, actually that’s my genre…faux jazz.

But I decided that I wanted to do a recording like that. I chose two stellar musicians, Cheryl Prashker on percussion and Chad Watson on bass. We hired a studio and invited an audience to attend and be part of the process. Then I told the musicians that there would be no rehearsal. I just wanted to get together and play.

Chad has played on my last four of five CD’s so he was familiar with the tunes, but not whatever the arrangements were going to be that night. Cheryl had no charts and no idea what was coming. She played entirely in the moment and both of them were unbelieveable.

We recorded 17 songs in two hours and fourteen of them made the cut. There are some intros, but not as much dialog as what usually goes into one of my concerts.  I really wanted to focus on the music.   Yes, there are a couple of fun stories (how could i not?) but mostly the fun is in the playing. Here are the songs and intros.

I think you are all going to love this one. But then I always think that.

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