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I did a concert with Peter Tork years ago that had in attendance a woman who had flown from Australia just to see the show.   Peter and I decided to make it special for her, so we donned kitchen towels (draped over our arms) and entered as waiters bringing with us a bottle of champagne and chilled glasses.   Everyone loved the gesture, but none more than the recipient, one Melanie Salter, who returned to Australia and began writing her opus, Dove, which takes place at the beginning of the 1970’s.

At some point she decided that the musician in the book should be an actual musician and she chose me and my songs.   Now several years later the book has been released on May 4, 2016, the anniversary of the deaths at Kent State, an episode which figures significantly in the book.

Throughout that book, there are scenes in which either my music or I show up.   I was delighted when I read the book and delighted with the songs Melanie chose to include and they are all here on this new soundtrack CD, including my never before released tribute to Brian Wilson, “Wait For the Summertime” on which I did 24 tracks of vocals trying to emulate his Beach Boys sound.

I invite you to check out the novel at any reputable on line site and to also check out this music.   Both close to my heart.


I Knead You
Growing Panes
Natural Sugar
Political Party
Stolen Season
Wishing Well
Jericho Wind
Three Monkeys
Flowers For the Living
Every Minute

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