The Day Today – The Final James Lee Stanley CD

Three years in the studio have produced what people are referring to as James Lee’s “White Album”, in that there are seventeen songs in a variety of genres and styles that demonstrate the breadth and depth of James Lee’s genius. Working at the peak of his powers James Lee did write or co write all the songs, play most of the instruments and all of the vocals. He was also fortunate to have the incredible contributions of John Batdorf, Chris Conway, Melissa Greener, Laurence Juber, Gary Katz, Ken Lyon, Rick Ruskin, Corky Siegel, Pamala Stanley, Washington “Smow Down” Tahr, Chad Watson, and Sandra Young.

In James Lee’s own words: “It is the longest opus I have ever created. The few that have given me input tell me it’s the best recording I have ever done. I tend to agree. I spent the entire lockdown writing and recording it here on top of a mountain in Bear Valley Springs with the original idea of culling the 17 songs down to an even dozen, but three years of writing, rewriting and recording and re-recording have left me with the decision to include them all.”

The Songs:

1. Wake the Flock Up
2. The Best We Can
3. The Carnival
4. Hard Lesson To Learn
5. America’s A Gun
6. Cold Ukrainian Night
7. Do It In His Name
8. Hearts In Amber
9. Time and the River
10. Mobius Trip
11. Too Much To Dream
12. Hey Look At You Too
13. Summer’s On the Way
14. How Many Days, How Many Hours
15. For the Last Time
16. Tumblin Down These Stairs
17. Brick At A Time (The Bonus cut, if you will)

I am only manufacturing one thousand CDs which will be signed and numbered. When these are gone there will be no more. The price is $30 (no shipping and handling fee)
payable to James Lee Stanley to or @jamesleestanley at venmo or by check to:

James Lee Stanley
785 Tucker Road, G203
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Thank you for hanging in with me all these years through all these challenges. I have been blessed to make music my entire life. And truthfully that has been my only aspiration. I am a lucky fellow.
All the best to you in this year 2024. I suspect it will be our most challenging yet. This music should help.

James Lee Stanley
Bear Valley Springs, California