Home Again

Just returned from a glorious weekend in beautiful Colorado. Played for some wonderful folks in Arvada, Aurora and Westcliffe and I must admit, I’m ready to go back already.

Now that I am home, I’ll be working on the LIVE CD that I recorded in Philadelphia with the estimable Cheryl Prashker on Percussion and my one and only Chad Watson on bass. And we did it with no rehearsal as I just wanted to see what would happen when musicians come together and just play. We also had a live audience in the studio to keep us on our toes.

I think this might be a different recording than I have ever done, but then I try to keep doing that to maintain my obscure cult image…and I seem to be succeeding beyond my wildest expectations.

Straight From the Heart – The Musical is available. My sister Pamala might be the greatest singer on the planet and she nailed the part. Nailed it! The other parts are sung by me and the remarkable Chris Bennett, and we’re no slouches, let me tell you. Money back guarantee on this one (okay, on all my CD’s) but I’m telling you, I’ve got something here.

I look forward to seeing you all in the fall when I play dates in California with my friends Kim and Reggie Harris and other dates with old friend Ian Matthews.

Please come up and say hello if you come to one of my concerts. I like knowing you all by name.

James Lee, West Hills, California Aug 18, 2015

(wow, I just realized that it was today in 1966 that I bought my first MGA in Monterey California. Damn but I loved that car.)

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