James Lee Stanley in Colorado

Hey kids, I will be in Colorado for the weekend, doing what it is I do best, performing live. The details are on the appearance tab. Looking forward to playing in Ft Collins, Nederland and Englewood, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I hope that my old friends in Colorado can make at least one of the shows.

Also been writing new songs, fifteen since the first of the year. Don’t know where it’s coming from, but I like them all, so there’s at least one more solo CD in the works.

Also doing the final mixes on the musical, Straight From the Heart, it’s sounding pretty cool.

And Pamela Adamowich is doing some new artwork for the book. Wait til you see and hear this puppy.

Chicagoland at the end of the month and don’t forget Charlotte’s Web 40th Anniversary with me hosting, then back to Los Angeles and then Alaska.

Big doings at the Seldovia Music Festival. I DARE you to come.

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