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After moving to the mountains above Tehachapi and setting up the studio, I found I was in a writing fury. After I had written about twenty songs, I thought I should start recording them before they got away from me.   Of those, here are an even dozen that made the cut.

As it happens, I was so far from LA, I ended up playing and singing everything except for my friend Rachel with whom I wrote Ripples On The Dance Floor.  She joins me on background vocals and a wonderful counterpoint vocal.  Love her voice.

The instruments are my Collings D2H, my Martin D-28H, my Taylor 810ce, Ibanez Bass, Various drums, shakers, tambourines, and EZ Drummer.   Elixir Light Gauge Nanoweb Strings, James Demeter Tube Direct, AKG 414 (modified by Stephen Paul), Dayner 48 Channel Board, and Reaper Recording Program.

Twelve new songs from James Lee Stanley. Acoustic guitars, vocals and light production. Might be the best CD he’s ever made. But what do I know?


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