Beachwood Recordings Presents All Wood and Doors / James Lee Stanley & Cliff Eberhardt

At the suggestion of John Densmore of the Doors, veteran composers / vocalists / musicians James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt took songs that are practically hard wired into our collective pop culture consciousness and put a uniquely fresh spin on them creating the remarkable All Wood and Doors.

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed All Wood and Stones by James Lee Stanley and John Batdorf, (vintage Rolling Stones masterpieces composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and reinvented by Batdorf & Stanley), All Wood and Doors is the inevitable next step. And it’s not too early to begin using the word masterpiece.

Pouring through the evocative catalog of the seminal rock group, The Doors, Stanley & Eberhardt have maintained all of the Doors mystique, while at the same time bringing something completely new to all these classic songs.

Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley are wonderful singers and musicians, with unique mastery of their instruments. This recording, All Wood and Doors, is twelve of their favorite Doors songs. The songs’ timelessness is enhanced by the funk and elegance of these new arrangements and re-interpretations.

The CD features crystal clear, atmospheric acoustic renderings and the songs are the true stars of this recording. Never before have you heard Classic Doors songs performed like this.

The arrangements are focused on Eberhardt’s raspy tenor and Stanley’s dulcet baritone, combined with the incredible magic of their acoustic guitar interplay. It’s almost as if the songs are somehow brand new and while completely familiar.

But what adds a truly remarkable spin to the recording is the endorsement and contribution of the Doors original drummer, John Densmore, who was part of this project based upon his fondness for the All Wood and Stones CD.

It was John who initially suggested the project when he told James Lee that if James ever did to the Doors songs what he did to the Stones songs, then John wanted to be a part of the recording. John Densmore was the true impetus that created All Wood and Doors.

Then to the astonished joy of Cliff and James Lee, Robby Krieger, original Doors guitarist, emailed James Lee, expressing his admiration for All Wood and Stones and volunteering to play guitar on All Wood and Doors. This was simply the icing on the cake. Even now, everyone at Beachwood Recordings is still amazed at this generous endorsement of the CD by both Robby and John.

And to add further to an already remarkable recording, there is this all star line up of the highly regarded guests musicians: Timothy B Schmit (the Eagles), Peter Tork (the Monkees), Paul Barrere (Little Feat), Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings), Scott Breadman (the Rippingtons, Lindsey Buckingham), the truly remarkable Chad Watson (David Arkenstone, Janis Ian) and, of course, John Densmore (the Doors), Robby Krieger (the Doors).

The songs are: Break On Thru; Touch Me; Strange Days; Love Me Two Times; Crystal Ship; People Are Strange; Soul Kitchen; Riders On The Storm; Take It As It Comes; Moonlight Drive; Light My Fire; and The End.

Put this CD in your player or your Ipod , sit back and prepare to experience the absolute joy of your new favorite recording —

All Wood and Doors by Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley

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  • russ locke says:

    Hey James can I just send a check to the Suite 223 on Topanga Canyon address for a copy of the new CD? And also hey, did you ever hear the River Change CD that Bob and I did last year? If the box is reusable I’ll send you one. We were pretty happy with it. Had some nice help.


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