The Musical in the Mixing Stage

I have been working on this musical off and on for the past nineteen years and I seem to be closing in on it.

It stars my incredibly talented sister, Pamala, as well as Chris Bennett and I in the major roles. This recording is essentially the songs from the musical done by the three of us, though in the musical there are twice as many characters.

The musical guests include Peter Tork, Paul Barrere, Scott Breadman, Rob Kyle, Ken Lyon, and Michael Levine.

The songs are some of the best songs that I have ever written, and because I envision this on broadway, the compositions, arrangements and production acknowledge that.

I believe this may be the best work of my life and I am so looking forward to your response to it. I will be putting up a few preview tracks on Soundcloud and will alert you. The links will be here on my page and I will be creating a Facebook page for it.

Looking forward to playing it for you all.


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