Synopsis of Act One and Status of the Musical July 1, 2015

Mixing a musical so all the parts can be heard, all the hooks just right and ALL of the lyrics prominently presented is a different challenge than just mixing a recording.

But I am finding enormous joy in listening to music that is unlike most of the music that I compose.   There are a few familiar tunes woven into the musical but for the most part they are new songs and many of them not sung by me, but by my amazingly talented sister Pamala.

The story in a nutshell…

The curtain rises on a darkened stage, a spotlight on a young girl sittling by a cradle.  She sings “Daddy’s Eyes.”    The fate of the young girl and the  baby in the cradle are left unsaid.  Black out.

Spotlight on Pamala driving to work singing “Another Day Another Dollar.”   More spotlights on more people as the cast joins in one at a time.    Black out.

The Offices of Busy Work, Inc

Cast sings “No Time For Romance”

Louden G Lizzard is interrupting and joking with Pamala  as she interviews and hires Chris, a young black girl, with whom she establishes an immediate and warm bond.   As Chris is getting ready to leave, Pamala notices with surprize Chris’s date of birth.   She asks where she was born.  Chris says she isn’t exactly certain as she was adopted at birth.

Pamala invites Chris to go to that Friday’s office mixer, though she herself never attends these things.   Chris asks why and Pamala sings “Just like Love”

Chris and Louden cajole and tease Pamala until she decides to go with her.     Black out.

At the mixer Friday night, Louden is a little in his cups and kind of obnoxious as he tries to charm Pamala.

Louden sings “Dirty Job”

Chris meanwhile is apart from and looking at the interaction.   Pamala finally gets Louden to give her some room and Pamala and Chris poke fun at the dating game going on.   The sing, “Sexy As I Wanna Be”

Chris goes off to dance while Pamala goes up to the rooftop patio for some air.   She meets James, charm boy extradordinaire.   They hit it off.    Meanwhile Louden has followed Pamala upstairs and eavesdrops on the conversation.

Pamala goes off to get two drinks and each unaware of the other, Louden and James sing the duet, “When Love Comes Knockin”

Pamala runs into Chris and tells her that yes, she actually met someone she likes, but she’s thinking about just letting it slide and getting out of there.   Chris gives her advice and sings, “Hard To Say No”

end of act one.


More Friday…



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