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James Lee Stanley singing Paul Simon’s American Tune

What Should I Bring to the Gig?

Well, you’re never too old to learn.   And I brought that lesson home again this past weekend.   Even though it was a very fun musical weekend indeed. The lovely and talented Lori Lieberman invited me to sit in with her for a few tunes at her concert in Thousand Oaks, which brings up a […]

James Lee Stanley Debuts his 31st Recording “Alive At Last”

James Lee Stanley Debuts his 31st Recording “Alive At Last” @ the Grammy Museum, Saturday, August 27th, 8 pm Come celebrate and listen to James Lee Stanley perform “Alive At Last” at the fabulous GRAMMY MUSEUM. Your ticket includes a

Relearning Old Practices or Actually Using What You’ve Learned

It’s Monday morning, August 25th, 7:30 am.   After lying in bed awake and unable to fall back into sleep from 6 am, I decided it was time to arise. Why did I wake up so early and why couldn’t I fall back to sleep?   Easy.   Self recrimination. I did a concert on Saturday night here […]

As Opening Act, How Long Do I Play?

This is a pretty simple question, but seems to be confusing to many people who have not opened shows before or who get confused as to why the audience is there. First of all, it is the responsibility of the opening act to do one thing:  change the audience from a disconnected crowd into a […]